The Top 10 Most Exquisite Women in the World According to Egyptian Beauty Standards (Updated List 2023)

The Golden Ratio of Beauty – Egyptian Beauty Standards

The Golden Ratio, a ratio of 1:1.618 is found in the proportions of the Egyptian pyramids, the nautilus shell, beautiful faces and the ideal body. Our eyes are attracted to objects with this ratio and find them visually appealing.

The study illustrates our innate ability to recognise beauty. Our brains seem to be hardwired to recognise beauty in a tenth of a second when we see it. However, decoding exactly what makes a face beautiful is more difficult. The use of the Golden Ratio helps us to understand beauty and how to decipher it.

The Golden Ratio can outline what the proportions of the face should be, including the length of facial structures e.g nose length / chin length in relation to other areas. This does not mean that all faces should look the same, however. Many of the world’s top models, from different countries, all exhibit Phi ratios, despite significant differences in their appearances.

It is shown that from a young age, even 1 day old, we recognise beauty. 


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